#MustVisit – Six Fabulous Destinations From Your Favourite Hollywood Flicks!

Sometimes the best way to experience a destination is not to be there at all! Wondering how? Movies! Yes, those movies that do not revolve around drama and dialogues but, focuses on scenic destinations to pamper a traveler’s soul. Be it the scenic view of Bali, the emerald blue water of Thai beaches or the artistic monuments, travel-oriented movies will capture your mind & soul. Here are a few scripts that have captured some of the astounding locations of the world and have given a Deja Vu experience to the viewers:

Eat, Pray and Love – Bali (Ubud)

Do you recollect Julia Roberts strolling down the roads of Ubud, bicycling through the rice paddies, visiting Ubud Market and seeing a Balinese man in the motion picture “Eat, Pray, Love” in search of peace and harmony? The primary character and writer of the book, Elizabeth Gilbert, chose Ubud in Bali to balance her life and eventually falls in love. With its great eateries, comfortable cafe’s, incredible budget-friendly lodgings, and roads fixed with shops offering carefully assembled products from Bali`s numerous craftsmen, there is no big surprise that Ubud has turned out to be a great tourist destination. Ubud being the social “capital” of Bali, has the magical charm to woo people across the globe. Be it rejuvenating your body cells or soothing your eyes with the artistic collection or satisfying your taste buds, Ubud is never gonna disappoint you. A must visit destination for coffeephile! How about sipping some Luwak Coffee?

The Talented Mr. Ripley – Italy (Positano)

Positano was the inspiration behind the anecdotal port of Mongibello in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. The staggering ocean side town is set in the bluffs of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and gave the in-vogue surroundings to the film, featuring some of Hollywood’s greatest names including Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law. Only a couple of hours south of Rome, Positano draws in Europe’s rich and well known, fine dining eateries and best hotels. The movie is filmed at the island of Ischia and Procida

The Beach – Phi Phi Island – Thailand

 Leonardo Dicaprio’s character goes on a voyage to solve a mystery and lands to Phuket where a kind of idealistic culture exists. The producers couldn’t have discovered a better place than Phi Leh Island, Maya Bay. Though the environmentalist raised a concern regarding the beach getting damaged during the filming process, yet, the producers were successful in getting an NOC. Post the movie, the island has gained more popularity, luring thousands of travelers every year. Go fall in love with the beaches and cliffs! How about swimming in the emerald blue water?

Octopussy – Udaipur (Lake Pichola)

One of the least Bond series where the picturesque lake and scenic surroundings will grab your attention than the actual bond action! Bond is allotted the assignment of following a general who is taking gems and relics from the Soviet government. This leads him to a rich Afghan sovereign, Kamal Khan, and his partner, Octopussy, and the revelation of a plot to constrain demobilization in Europe with the use of an atomic weapon. The rich silks, carved wooden furniture, murals, Jiva Spa, jacuzzis, and formal Nilkamal are the central attractions of Lake Pichola. Being constructed on a four-acre island, it gives an image of floating marble palace. Experience the rich culture of Havelis and Maharajas!

The Bridge on the River Kwai – Sri Lanka

 You are mistaken if you are believing that the film was shot in Thailand where the real bridge still exists. Lean’s Bridge was constructed on Maskeliya Oya, a tributary of the Kelani river. The British HQ and the military hospital that’s chosen in the movie will leave you curious. Travel with us to explore the location!

Life of Pi – Pondicherry

Life of Pi is most renowned for the CGI tiger of the second act, yet the whole initial act of Ang Lee’s film was shot in the city of Puducherry, also popularly known as Pondicherry. A perfect blend of French colonial system and the South-Indian culture and a genuine travel destination for travelers. The air of the city has the jasmine aroma. Explore the fish market to try out some of the rarest species of fish. Le Jardin Botanique de Pondichéry, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Goubert Avenue, promenade and pie, and Manakula Vinayagar are some of the popular tourist spots.

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