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Solo Trip to Australia!

Well, it was 2015 December that I started my journey as a Solo Traveler. I had never taken this deliberately but was forced into it. When you have done few non refundable bookings and your friends ditch you at the end. Thats where I took this step and decided to visit Dubai alone. And today I thank all of them who had backed out of the plan, had that not happened, I wouldn’t had explored the world by my own ever. Since then, I decided to take at least one Solo every year, and I have visited six countries and have covered 20 states in India. Well, In India, as a girl when you do something like this, there are lots of ifs-and-buts, but trust me, one should believe in oneself ,as the aftermath is phenomenal.
The Earth never fails to mesmerise us by the show that she puts up even after all the wrecking destruction that we perform. Who doesn’t see the serenity of the Earth? Even the simplest of things that we never pay attention to, can bring bliss to our heart. The sound of the water birds to the scorching sunlight after a rainy day, the sound of the wind blowing your hair swiftly to the waves coming to you… Who doesn't believe in magic? I believe its right here! Where everything happens by its own.
2018, my trip to the sports loving country, Australia was indeed the best of all till date. I did all my homework way before and then took the travel. Basic tips before you start are as follows:
Tip 1: To carry the least possible baggage. Baggage does not only include your material possessions, but also inhibitions which we all carry inside. Be a minimalist. Carry no fear, no guilt, no worries and you are good to go!
Tip 2: To get the map of the country/city on your finger tips in order to use the maximum time of your trip. You will save all the time you otherwise would have invested digitally.
Tip 3: Not just google out places that you could see when you are there, talk to localities about the place because they turnout to be the best guides.
Tip 4: Have a hand written route map if you are on drive mode, schedule your route with timelines in order keep a check if you are doing it right.
Lonely Planet
I started with the lonely planet, Sydney and New Castle . From the picturesque Opera House to the Darling harbor, the heavenly blue mountains to the west, the Macarthur to the south. Each and every place had left me awestruck and bought fathomless joy to me. I took a road trip inside Australia which was the best decision of my trip.
After a couple of days in Sydney, I covered the City of New Castle, City of Macquarie, Maitland and Port Stephens. There are many Sydneysiders who have their second home there. Countryside is verdant and earthy. Its pleasant to see skaters all around and people who prefer cycling over driving unlike India. From the roads to the gardens, everything is clean and immaculate.
It is said that New Castle was once known as HellHole as convicts were sent here to dig in coal mines as a part of their punishment. But after 1920’s things changed and this beautiful city was declared as the trade center and now the world’s largest coal exporter. The scenic drive from Nobby beach ,Fort Scratchley to the New Castle Ocean bath, the Susan Beach to the Mereweather beach is breathtaking. The famous bather’s walk is a 5 km stretch, from walking to cycling to taking a dog walk , nothing gets you tired there ( btw, you can rent a cycle there at 5$ per hour)
City of Maitland
After the New Castle memorial walk, I headed to my city. The City of Maitland, I had a beautiful Airbnb stay there. Meanwhile I had spoken to lot of people who had given me a list of places which I should not miss before leaving.Australia is surrounded by ocean and it is said if you visit one beach every day it would take 30 years to visit all the beaches there. With abundance of sand and surf combos, water sports are very common and around 85% of the population resides on the coast.
Time for the ShowStopper! The Snowy Mountains. Its a seven hour drive from Sydney. The Stretch from the Perisher Resort to the Selwyn Snowfields is milky snow covered. Once I reached Thredboland, next to Perisher, I was amused by the beauty. I had never experienced snow fall before apart from the one that I had witnessed in Hollywood movies. I took a half day snowboarding training and then I started to enjoy by my own. Skiing is easier seen than done. The sight of the fresh snowfall covering the ground and the ghostly white snow gums against the bright blue sky is enough to stir your soul, to make you forget everything else in this world and just be at the moment.
After my trip to Snowy Mountains , I drove to Melbourne. The quaint Street Art will leave you petrified. The photogenic train stations will steal all your attention.
The heart of the city i.e. the Acland Street, similar to the Orchard road of Singapore, is full of restaurants, shopping , barsand musical pubs. I ended my trip with the the best of wine & cheese in this lovely city.
I had spent around 15 days in Australia, covering New Castle, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. But the best of all the Snow. I think everyone should aim to visit the Snowy Mountains once in their life.

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